Amarilto shpk, kompania lider ne tregetimin dhe perpunimin e fruta-perimeve


Amarilto Ltd offers a full range of products for all food Albanian market . Years of experience have made us to offer the best products for all individuals, different restaurants and foreign clients that have embraced the Albanian tradition .

Amarilto Ltd offers :

– Conservation of fruits vegetables
– Procesing of olives

Mainly focused on providing canned vegetables and fruits .

Our country offers the best agricultural products ranging from tomatoes , olives , peppers , cherries , plums, peaches and many  other products .

We manage to utilize  the best of all demand that has for these products by providing them with love and devotion to our final product .

Amarilto products is available at larger supermarkets throughout Albania and not only .

Our company offers its products in many  countries abroad. We have several distributors in Kosovo and in other countries who best represent our entire product line .